Consider An Alternative To Demtal Implants

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Cosmetic dentistry, at it’s best, is all about improving a patientâs oral health, their appearance and ultimately their lives. When you work with a person who has mastered their craft, more times than not, you end up with work that will last a lifetime. On the flip side, when you work with someone just because they are the “cheapest” option, your results are along the lines of 50/50. As is the case with most things in life – you get for what you pay for.

Dental implants have revolutionized dental care by providing patients with optimal treatment. Patients have teeth that look and feel real because they are time-tested, predictable, and safe. While implants are one of the best treatments out there, they are still quite expensive, despite some reductions in prices. Letâs discuss less costly alternatives.

A set of new dentures made from accurate impressions and the best materials can make a significant improvement in fit and appearance for those with ill-fitting dentures or dentures that do not appear “natural.” It can also be retrofitted to dental implants at a later date, if finances permit, to deliver even more security and stability.

Partially fitted dentures are used when several, but not all, teeth are missing. Modern materials and designs can conceal unsightly metal clasps and provide a snug, comfortable fit with special precision attachments. A thorough examination of the remaining teeth and the treatment of any cavities or gum disease ensures long-term success.

When only a few teeth are missing, or none are missing, it is often possible to treat cavities and gum disease conservatively. New generation filling materials and techniques can sometimes negate the need for expensive crowns while preserving your natural teeth. A treatment like this can delay one’s need for a more definitive intervention until their budget allows them to afford a more permanent solution.

No matter which solution you decide on, be it dentures or implants, just remember to go with a specialist that has a great online reputation. All these places like Yelp, and the Google Business Listings, are all there for a reason. They give you insight into the work being produced by the practice you’re considering. Use these resources in your research, and they will give you even more information to use in your consideration.

Living with missing teeth today is more a choice than anything else. There are financing options available, and payment plans that some practices provide themselves. It doesn’t cost you anything to ask, and the more information you gather, the better choices you can make.

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