Treating Macular Degeneration With Ozone Therapy

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Any disease that is related to the eye can be a painful one. Be it glaucoma or cataract, your vision will be impaired if it is not appropriately treated. The worst scenario is you will lose your vision, and that is almost like the end of the world for many.

Macular degeneration is another disease that can happen to your eye and it can quickly lead to vision loss. It has already affected millions of people throughout the world, and the sad part is there is hardly any cure for it. However, if macular degeneration is identified during the initial stages, it can be healed with the help of
ozone therapy.

Ozone Therapy for Macular Degeneration

Researchers have found that ozone has various therapeutic effects that can help to treat a variety of diseases. Macular degeneration is one disease that has shown positive results after an ozone therapy.

Although the use of ozone in its gaseous form is considered impractical by many but the effects it has had on people, especially to cure multiple chronic diseases like Macular degeneration is considered a ground-breaking idea. One of the reasons why macular degeneration has become so deadly is that the parasites and
bacteria proliferate in your eyes. That is why you are more prone to becoming blind if this disease hits you. It is almost like cancer where the cells grow and spread very quickly.

That is where ozone therapy comes to your rescue. Ozone can put yeast, fungi, protozoa, virus, and bacteria quite effectively into an inactive state. It will stimulate the oxygen metabolism in your body and will also activate the bodys immune system.

Reports show that ozone therapy has been effective in treating macular degeneration to a great extent. A test was done on 20 patients who suffered from macular degeneration, and each one of them had an 80% better vision than what they
had before.

This is a significant improvement because continuous ozone therapy will keep you away from total loss of vision. It is not guaranteed that ozone therapy will cure macular degeneration entirely because it does not involve the use of synthetic medicines, but it will surely not make you blind.

The ozone therapy works on your optic nerves to ensure that you do not lose vision even when you have macular degeneration at its acute stage. It not only stimulates the function of the optic nerves but also heals your eyes and improves your vision.

The treatment takes place over a period of 3 days. Ideally, you should appear for 20 to 40 sessions depending on the stage of degeneration that your eye is in. Along with the therapy, you should take regular medication to make the treatment more effective.

Each day you will have 2 oxidative treatments, and at the end of the entire session, you will be asked to read and write. This is done to test whether the treatment is effective and if you will need to come for further sessions in a few days.