What To Do About Broken Dental Crowns

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Dental problems happen every day. People have different reactions the moment they run their tongue through their mouth and notice that there is something wrong. There are people who freak out or panic and think that it is an emergency that warrants waking up their dentist at four in the morning. Then there are those who are laid back without a worry or care in the world.

The truth is that most dental issues are rarely a major issue that requires immediate attention. Here are some steps people can take once they realize that their crown gets loose or broken.

The Do It Yourself Approach

The first thing a person has to do is to examine the area. Look at the cracked or loose crown to check if pieces are displaced or missing. If the crown is shaky or loose, it is usually a good idea to just pull it out to avoid accidentally swallowing it.

Once the crown is taken out, check if the area is painful or not, and if the sensation can be tolerated for one or two days. If the pain is too much to handle, some over the counter pain medication should be able to make it tolerable.

Repairing The Crown

A broken or loose crown does not usually call for a replacement. The dentist still has to check if the damage actually merits such a response. Treatment really depends on the severity, and size of the damage to the crown.

More often than not, all the dentist has to do is to reform or smoothen what remains of the crown into shape.

In the event that the damage or loss is indeed severe, the dentist may call for a replacement of the crown. This will of course involve creating a new crown. Replacing the broken crown is a course of action that dentists will resort to only in the most severe cases.

When It Is The Tooth And Not The Crown

When the problem is the tooth, and not the crown, then it becomes a situation that warrants immediate dental attention. A cracked or broken tooth can often become infected. Once infection takes root, issues can become much bigger and problematic.

It is strongly recommended to seek immediate dental help once a problem with the tooth has been discovered for immediate care.

The Causes Of Broken Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are broken or shaken loose for a wide variety of reasons. It may be the result of biting too hard. Sometimes, they break simply because of age. The crown has been in place for too long, and the crown has succumbed to normal wear and tear. Actions such as grinding or clenching are other factors that contribute to the destruction of dental crowns.

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